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lifeSupport is an IV drip generative music installation powered by Bela platform. Four saline drip bags pick random notes from chords, each drip on a different octave, all tuned using just intonation. Parameters can be controlled in real-time.


The flow is controlled by the dials embedded in the giving sets. Instead of being connected to catheters, the end of the giving sets are aligned using laser-cut acrylic arms. These are directly above a plate which holds four strips of brass. Under each piece of metal is a piezo transducer which is connected to Bela. This computer is running a compiled Pure Data patch which uses the excitation of the piezos to generate a random with each drop. Each number corresponds to a different note in a preset chord. By using the potentiometers on the breadboard, the user can change the base pitch, the envelope or the chord.